Sessions will highlight the following three themes:

  • Reflecting on mathematics instruction in terms of access, equity, and empowerment
    • Participants will deepen their understanding of student agency, identity, social justice, culture, and language within the math classroom.
    • Participants will reflect on assumptions and deficit thinking about educational systems, students, and communities.

  • Developing equitable mathematical teaching practices that empower students
    • Participants will learn about relevant and responsive instructional practices in mathematics that take into account diverse learners.
    • Participants will learn actionable ways to foster positive mathematics identities.

  • Learning new strategies to identify and remove barriers to access to high-quality mathematics
    • Participants will learn how to identify and overcome obstacles to ensure that each and every student has access to high-quality mathematics instruction.
    • Participants will learn how mathematics instructional programs can empower students to ask and answer critical questions about the world around them.