From the State Math Supervisor

            I hope all of you have had a great school year so far!  Hang in there, summer break will be here before we know it.  Always great to recharge our batteries by spending time with families, friends, and to get caught up on all those things we save for a rainy day.  Often educators ask me, how long do you think you will stay at the DE?  I usually respond with I am not planning to go anywhere because I think I work with the most dedicated professionals on the planet.  Last fall, my call to action was to find a math community to connect to so you can have “Think Partners” to continue to learn, grow and be challenged as we continue to strive toward College and Career Readiness in Mathematics for Iowa students.  Well, Iowa math educators, not only did you answer the call, but you superseded my expectation.

            As a result, we now have math networks and communities of interest.  We have an administrator and coaching network for general information with almost 3,000 educators.  We also have several communities of interest such as IA Core Advocates, Principles to Actions, Number Sense, and OpenUp resources with around 300 educators in each group.  This data supports the amazing leadership in Iowa as teachers, instructional coaches, specialist, consultants, pre-service teachers, professors, principals, curriculum directors, and superintendents come together to connect, learn, grow, and continue to improve to better support students.  You have Tweeted, Zoomed, Facebooked, LinkedIn, attended host webinars, recorded ones, and virtual small group chats and G+, written, read, and commented on blogs, etc.

            With all this focus on math standards, best known instructional practices, and professional development, I am confident that we are going to see student learning increase in mathematics and students being better prepared for their futures.

           My Call to Action for you: Spread the Math Love to your colleagues.  Make sure everyone who supports students learning math are connected to a network and a community of interest and is getting the most current information and resources we know about across the nation.

            Links to sign-ups for the network, communities, and G+ communities can be found on the websites below under “Join” tab.

·         IA Administrators Network - Math: (principals, curriculum directors, and superintendents)

·         IA Coaching Network - Math: (teacher leaders, instructional coach, math specialist—variety of support, teachers and administrators, open to any IA educator)

·         IA Core Advocates Network - Math Community: focused on implementing the standards

·         IA Principles to Actions Community - Math: focused on effective math instruction

·         IA Number Sense Community - Math: focused on building numeracy K-HS

·         IA IM/OpenUp Community - Math: focused on implementing the 6th-8th resources


—April Pforts

    State Supervisor of Mathematics

    Iowa Department of Education