Mathematical Mindsets

Want to see Dr. Jo Boaler in action, working with students?  Explore how to engage students in rich, open ended mathematical tasks?  Boaler’s online Mathematical Mindsets course through the Stanford Center for Professional Development is a great opportunity to do both of these things!

Even if you’ve read Dr. Boaler’s book by the same name, the opportunity to watch her teacher moves in a classroom setting is powerful.  The summer school course featured in Dr. Boaler’s course comprised of 18 lessons for 6th and 7th grade students.  Lessons included knowledge of the brain, mindset and mathematics learning taught through open, creative mathematics.  

For me, it was one thing to read the book, nodding along as I read.  Taking the course online provided me a visual and auditory example of what an open, creative math class could be.   What was impressive was the participation, the questioning and other teacher moves that led to deep learning for the students AND an excitement and appreciation for mathematics that struggling learners rarely exhibit.

All this, and I’m only halfway through the course!  Enrollment is open and you have until August of 2018 to complete approximately 30 hours of coursework.  About 20 teachers in my district enrolled as well. I’ve heard nothing but praise for the course and its content from elementary teachers, secondary teachers, interventionists, and instructional coaches.

Marty Beck