Green Hills AEA: "The Power of Yet"

How many times have you heard, “ I don’t get this!”  “This doesn’t make sense!” or my all-time favorite, ”I wasn’t good at math so my student won’t be good at math!”  I’m not a science teacher but I don’t remember there being a gene for math.  

I’ve been working with my students to establish a growth mindset.  I want them to know that they can do it, and I will be there to guide them and help them do it.  So we have a poster about “The Power of Yet”.  I encourage the students so that they say. “I don’t get this . . . yet!”  or “This doesn’t make sense . . . yet!”  It is amazing the change the little word yet can make in the thought process of the students.  Instead of a defeated attitude they are working on a positive attitude.  They are thinking about what they could do differently so that they can “get it.”  I encourage my students to look at the problem a different way, draw a model or a picture.  Talk to a table partner and think it through together.  Give it a try, those three letters can do a great deal to help students be successful and have a growth mindset about mathematics.


Tammie Cass

Greenhills AEA District Representative

Nodaway Valley Middle School