Check Out The Conference Sessions

The complete online conference planner is available at  Here are some of the sessions being offered:


·         Is Motivating Students a Productive Struggle for Your Teaching

·         Real World Is Dressed-Up Math

·         Ignite!  Talks

·         Mathematics and Board Games 2—Unplugged Bongaloo

·         Instructional Strategies that Influence Mathematics

·         CORE Advocates:  State Leadership with Standards Implementation

·         Why MDI?

·         What Can IPTV Add to the Equation?

·         Establishing, Sustaining, and Using a Composting System in and Outside of a Classroom

·         Restructuring the Mathematics Classroom through Blended Learning

·         The Mmm in STEM


·         Student Understanding:  What Do We Really Know?

          Project TASK

·         Creating Classroom Discussions that Matter

·         Algebra Is for Little Fingers, Too

·         Subrraction Hurts Me – No Longer

GRADES 3 – 5

·         Number Talks in the Middle Grades

·         Talk-Based Application and Research

·         Number Matters!  Making Sense of Multiplication and Division with Fractions

·         When a Door Closes, Open a Window:  Alternative Pathways for Whole District Acceleration

·         Productive Struggle:  What Does It Look Like in My Classroom?

·         Understanding Fraction Division Flexibly

·         Fractions and Decimals Without Fraction Bars and Circles

·         Multiplication with Meaning

·         Power Teaching Math


·         Quick Images with Fractions and Decimals

GRADES 6 – 8

·         Integrating Computer Science in Middle School Math

GRADES 9 – 12

·         The March Madness Data Analytics Challenge

·         Using Visual Models to Support Algebraic Reasoning

GRADES 3 – 12

·         Can You Teach a Lesson with 10 Slides?

·         Discovery Learning with Geogebra

·         Productive Struggle in Teaching STEM

·         How Do You Get Students to Talk in Your Class?

·         Rich Math Tasks for All:  Discourse and Differentiation

·         Experience a Math Teachers’ Circle

GRADES 6 – 12

·         “Proof” that Geometry Has Changed

·         Modifying Questions for ELLs:  When, Where, and How

·         Team Based Approach to Teaching Math

·         Case Stories:  A Protocol for Sharing Teachers’ Practice

·         Do You DESMOS?  The Math Tech Tool That Does It ALL!

          Making Secondary Math Accessible to All Students

·         Math – A Promise of Fun and Games

·         Facilitating Conversation with DESMOS

·         Individualized Self-Paced Math Instruction

·         Mathematics Teacher Externships


·         Teaching about Measures of Variation

·         Elementary Methods for Secondary Teachers

·         Why Consider the History of Mathematics at Your School?

·         Using Technology to Maximize Teaching and Learning Experiences

·         Teaching Trigonometry for Success in Calculus

·         Modeling:  Teaching It Right

·         Iowa Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators


·         Drill Without the Kill – Deliberate Practice to Lock in What You Teach

·         Supporting Struggling Math Students with Growth Mindset

·         Not Your Traditional Math Assignment

·         The Quantile Framework for Mathematics:  Math Differentiation at Your Fingertips

·         SWAG – Students with a Goal

·         Renaissance Math

          Perseverance Culture:  Driving Productive Struggle with Math Technology