April is Math Awareness Month

From the VP—Post-Secondary:

     Did you know that April is Mathematics Awareness Month? This year’s theme is “Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month”.  Keep an eye on events related to Math Awareness Month (every year, not just this year!) at http://www.mathaware.org/index.html.

     Are you a middle or high school teacher looking for peer-reviewed lesson plans on statistics?  Check out these sites:

     Looking for some new and interesting facts for your classroom?  Check out the Mathematical Association of America’s (MAA’s) Fun Math at http://www.maa.org/programs/students/fun-math. Here you will find links to websites that feature interesting mathematics and explain the mathematics behind the scene.

Finally, thanks to all who helped make the 2016 ICTM-ISTS Math and Science Fall Conference in October awesome! What interesting things are you doing in your classroom? We’d love to hear about it and see you share it with others, maybe at the 2017 Math Fall Conference at Valley West High School on Monday, October 9.  Do you work with pre-service teachers?  Encourage them to attend ICTM’s Pre-Conference the night before (Sunday, October 8); events at the pre-conference are planned especially for pre-service and new teachers! Check out the website for more details.


                                                                        —Wendy Weber