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Hi Everyone,

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer!  There have been many changes in our scenery over the last few months in Iowa and education. I commend you all for staying positive and continuing to change the futures for student’s one math problem at a time.  We know the more mathematics students understand, then the more doors will open to them.  We want Iowa students to have many doors that are open to them.  I saw a brilliant tweet the other day; No one has ever died from doing more math!  Profound!

I am so thrilled that we have so many educators attending the Summer Institute for Mathematics ~ Principles to Actions.  We have around 1,500 educators attending across the state.  This will be a great group to begin this work around increasing effective and efficient mathematics instruction.  We will be sharing many tools after this training through the Virtual Coaching Network and to the participants.  This is our first attempt on a large scale to increase the consciousness that we know how to increase mathematics experiences for our students.  It is the instruction in the classroom that makes the difference for students and we can continue to grow in our capacity to make students college and career ready.

I would encourage you to continue to look at the Iowa Core Website for great resources.  There are many valuable resources that can be used to support the work that you are doing in your districts.  I have often found that it is easier to edit something than to build it from scratch. We still want to continue to strive to implement the standards and the standards for mathematical practices.  If you have not tended to the Shifts in the standards, Focus, Coherence, and Rigor, then I would encourage you to take some time this summer and look at the resources on Achieve the Core.  I thought that I knew the shifts and I continue to learn and understand them more and more all the time.  These are two great modules that I have found very valuable.

Introduction Module                Deep Dive

Remember to save the date for the ICTM conference this fall October 9, 2017! Many exciting potential sessions! I can hardly wait!  There are so many great things happening in Iowa for education.  I will be looking for you all there! :)

April Pforts

State Mathematics Consultant

Iowa Department of Education

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