Our journal submission guidelines are adapted from those of NCTM:

1. Feature manuscripts should be between 1000 and 2000 words, not including tables and figures. Include a reasonable number of tables and figures selected as essential to understanding.

2. Please use Microsoft Word size 12 Cambria font.

3. Use double spacing for all material, including quoted matter, lists, tables, notes, references, and bibliographies.

4. Be certain of permission for use of photos and student work.

5. Leave margins of 1 inch on the sides, top, and bottom of each page.

6. Indicate a paragraph by including an extra space between paragraphs.

7. Provide accurate and complete bibliographical information. All references cited in the manuscript should be listed at the end of the manuscript. We encourage your use the APA Publication Manual or the Chicago Manual of Style for complete style/format guidelines.

8. Use dialogue and direct quotes sparingly. Incorporate the key ideas of conversations into the text when possible. If material is quoted, supply the complete source in the references and cite the page number with the quotation.

9. Do not use footnotes. Integrate this information into your manuscript.

10. Use mathematics editors (e.g., MathType) sparingly. Expressions and equations that can be typed using the keyboard, such as f(x)=3x2 and x < 3, should simply be typed, as you would the general text. Other mathematics displays that contain characters not found on the keyboard should be set using an equation editor program.  For example, y=2^(1/5) should be expressed using an equation editor as:

11. Please proofread and spellcheck your manuscript before submission. Review it for grammar, completeness, mathematical correctness, and accuracy of references. Be sure to spell out all proper names, and fully identify all organizations and groups that are mentioned by initials or acronyms.

12. Figures and tables should be embedded in the manuscript near their mention in the text. Each figure or table needs to have a title relating it to the text


Email your submission to the journal editor at ICTMJournalEd@gmail.com