New at ICTM’s 2019 Annual Conference

Want to learn more about creating a classroom where students engage in meaningful discourse? Have a desire to incorporate more technology, like DESMOS or Geogebra?

Curious about improving your students’ acquisition of fact fluency? Using the IM Middle School resources or want to learn more about them?

No matter what your grade level or position in math education, we have sessions for you!

Micahel Fenton’s keynote “Designing Opportunities for Mathematical Discourse and Delight” is designed with the elementary level in mind. Michael works for DESMOS where the mission is: to help every student learn math and love learning math. He will explore ways to engage with our students and with each other, whether using Desmos or some other set of tools.

Tim Brzezinski’s zoom session was so popular last year that he is attending the conference in person this year! In addition to his keynote, Tim is offering a session with tips for fostering active, student centered learning and one exploring Geogebra’s 3D capabilities.

Iowa’s own Morgan Stipe is offering a deep dive into the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum for middle school. Whether you are entering year 2 of using the materials or just starting or wanting to know more, Morgan has a session for your interest level!

Stay tuned to this page or check out the conference program here to see more of the exciting sessions being offered!

Once you decide you need to be at this conference, register here!