Government Updates

ICTM is dedicated to give you information on how state and federal legislation may impact education.


ICTM Government Update January 2019

The Governor, in her State of the State address on January 14, indicated she will ask for an increase of $9.3 million in funding for pK-12 schools. She has also asked that the Regent’s funding increase by $18 million, matching the Regents request for funding.


ICTM Government Update August 2018

“Funding for TRIO and GEAR Up (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) will continue to support first-generation college students.”

ICTM Government Update April 2018

“The plan also outlines a strategy for reaching the annual goal of investing at least $200 million annually in STEM and computer science education.”


ICTM Government Report January 2018

“…decreasing these federal deductions could ultimately lead to depressed state and local funding for K-12.”