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Green Hills AEA

Greetings from the Green Hills AEA area in southwest Iowa. I will begin by introducing myself; my name is Deb Roberts and I am currently a math instructor at Southwestern my students do on the side, and enjoy as a nice change of pace. There are helpful videos along the way if you get stuck.

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Community College in Creston, Iowa. I received my BS Ed in Mathematics from NWMSU in Maryville, Missouri and my Master of School Mathematics degree from ISU. This is my twenty-fifth year of teaching—I taught four years at Lenox Community School District, seventeen years in the Corning Community School District (now Southwest Valley, Corning & Villisca), and have been at SWCC since the fall of 2015.

I teach a wide variety of math courses from remedial course through College Algebra and Trigonometry and have found this environment challenging but very enjoyable. My students run the gamut from just out of high school to non-traditional students seeking to resume their education—possibly from a change in life circumstances or maybe just the right timing for new adventures. We have a wonderful mixture of local students and those from across the country as well as numerous international students.

As for most of you, it’s been very difficult getting into a routine this semester as the weather has been difficult. We were able to hold our annual NACEP meeting on January 10t h . NACEP stands for National Alliance for Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships and this is where the high school faculty in our area that teach dual-credit courses for SWCC at their local schools come spend half a day with the college faculty teaching the same courses. We discuss curriculum, assessment, and any other topics of interest/concern. It’s important that these classes match up closely as they are receiving the same college credits. We are privileged to have some very capable instructors teaching dual-credit classes at Murray, Clarke, and Nodaway Valley schools. We also have several high school students who are within easy driving distance of our campuses commute to classes.

I am looking forward to serving on the ICTM board over the next couple of years as we strive to maintain a high standard of mathematics education in Iowa through communication, support, and the exploration of new ideas.

— Deb Roberts
Green Hills AEA Regional Director