Great Prairie AEA

Great Prairie AEA 2019 is full of great experiences for our friends in the Great Prairie Region of Iowa. The AEA is providing exciting opportunities for learning and professional development. Teachers and coaches have the opportunity to participate in SOAR Fraction Training and SOAR Ratio and Proportion Training in Burlington this January and February. S upporting O ngoing A chievement R esponsively tools and activities help gain information on student ability, then help students learn skills to fill their learning gaps. Teachers who are using Illustrative Math Open Up Resources Curriculum are meeting in January for a collaboration day to share their experiences, celebrations, and roadblocks. A rea teachers are excited and ready to tackle the challenges of teaching Math during the second half of the school year!

There are also several upcoming chances for professional growth this spring for teachers, coaches, and administrators in the Great Prairie Region. Along with many other schools, GPAEA districts will be working on and completing their Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation (SAMI) and Universal Tier Tools. This reflection of the school’s system gives buildings a start for improvement and growth.

There is exciting news upcoming on the national level. NCTM is having two conferences in the Midwest in 2020. Save the date for the Annual NCTM Conference on April 1-4, 2020 in Chicago (it’s the NCTM 100 year surely not to miss!) and the Regional NCTM conference in St. Louis October 21-24, 2020. Having two NCTM conferences in the Midwest in the same year is very exciting...make a point to attend!

Since there are multiple opportunities for conferences in 2020, ICTM needs to think about when we would like to hold our yearly conference. Normally the ICTM annual conference is held in October. With the 2 national conferences in the spring and fall of 2020, would there be a better time for the ICTM conference? Spring? Summer? As Conference Co-Chair, we welcome your suggestions! In the meantime, plan on attending the ICTM Annual conference at Valley High School in West Des Moines in October, 2019.

Back by popular demand, Karen Karp, Ph.D from the University of Louisville will be here April 29, 2020 for grades K-2 and April 30, 2020 for grades 3-5. If you haven’t heard Karen before, get the dates on your calendar. Her focus on MTSS for elementary students inspires teachers with fantastic interventions and assessments that can be used immediately in class.

Look for more information to come.

Entering my second year on the ICTM Board, I look forward to continue my work with the outstanding educators in the Great Prairie Region and beyond. If you have any suggestions for classes that you would like to see at the GPAEA this summer, please let us know. We aim to please! Follow me on Twitter @jayyouelleyeee or contact me with questions and suggestions at .

— Julie Yurko
GPAEA Regional Director