Subject: Equity

Co-Authored by: April Pforts andComfort Akwaji Anderson

Mathematics Educators across Iowa will hear many more conversations about actions steps to promote access, equity, and social justice in the 2018-2019 school year.   While our data indicates we have made some gains statewide, we still have more improvements to make. 

One of the early face-to-face events will be round table discussions about Access, Equity and Social Justice at our ICTM pre-conference as well as sessions at the conference itself. We are looking forward to collaboratively engaging in these critical conversations to enhance learning for each and every Iowa Student!

Then in April 2019, Dr. Robert Berry, President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics will be working with our state Mathematics Leadership Team.  Dr. Berry will help us learn about Using Identity and Agency to Frame Access and Equity.

In preparation for these events, we are launching an Equity related series beginning this month. To ensure access and opportunities for teachers, teacher-leaders, and administrators, the information will be presented / available in several platforms –newsletter/journals articles, blog, twitter chats, webinars, and electronic book studies.

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