News from the State Math Consultant

Welcome back from summer break! 

            There are many math happening in the 2018-2019 school year.  The Early Childhood Statewide Leadership Team is having professional development from the Erikson Institute which is focused on mathematics.  Many districts are implementing a screener and working towards students getting support earlier when they might struggle with math.  Mathematics is being rolled into the C4K process.

            I invite you to reflect on the image shown here and consider the following:

·         How does this address Access and Equity?

·         What is Social Justice?

·         What does Equality, Equity, and Inequality have to do with Social Justice.

The statewide mathematics network has continued to grow with two new communities for this year, Desmos and an Access, Equity, and Social Justice.  The current communities are being transferred over to an AEA Learning online account so they are tied to a statewide account.  This allows for capacity and sustainability for the communities to exist in the future.  The links to join the communities are below.

Do NOT miss the fall ICTM Conference, October 8, 2018 “Opening the Door to Math for All.”  The keynote speaker is Bill McCallum, lead writer for the Common Core State Standards in Math and founder of Illustrative Mathematics and Illustrative is the writers of the OpenUp Resources for 6th - 8th.

Call to Action: Access/Equity/Social Justice Consider improving your Access, Equity, and Social Justice efforts.  Are all students able to receive the mathematics education they need to be college and career ready? Is this mindset interwoven throughout practices?

  April Pforts

  State Supervisor of Mathematics

  Iowa Department of Education


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