Don't Miss the 2018 ICTM Conference


There really is something for everyone at the 2018 conference.  Here is a tentative listing of this year’s sessions:

·         Abstract Manipulations

·         Activity Design Principles with Desmos

·         Assessment and Feedback:  Connecting the Two in a Practical Way

·         Big Ideas of Early Mathematics

·         Building Highly Effective Teams in Math

·         Building Number Sense Is a Key to Future Success:  What Is this Really?  How Can Teachers Ensure Students Develop It?

·         Characteristics of Effective Instruction in the Secondary Classroom

·         Creating an Engaging Classroom Culture Using Problem Types and Number Choice

·         Creating Classroom Discussions that Matter

·         Developing and Assessing Basic Fact Fluency K – 5

·         Developmental Mathematics:  Challenges and Strategies

·         Diagnostic Assessments in the Elementary Classroom

·         Doorways to Writing Quality Assessment Questions

·         Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) Tasks in Secondary Mathematics Curricula

·         Elementary Instructional Coaches and Mathematics

·         Equity Based Mathematics Teaching:  A Round Table Discussion to Identify Key Strategies and Uncover Unconscious Bias

·         Exploring Bivariate Relationships with Technology

·         Fact Fluency with a CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) Framework

·         Flipped Classroom

·         Fluency without Fear through Patterning and Computational Thinking for All

·         Fun with Topology

·         Gamification:  Leveling Up Education

·         How Can Prime Numbers Help Us Learn Fractions?

·         How Contests Ignite Math Passion

·         I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award Panel:  Hearing from the Recipients

·         Illustrative Mathematics and the Student Personalized Learning System

·         Implementing Mathematical Modeling for English Learners

·         Let’s Talk!  Opening Doors to Problem Solving

·         Making Math Meaningful, Not to Many, But to ALL!

·         Making Secondary Math Accessible for All Learners

·         Math & Board Games 3:  Rise of the Mechanics

·         Mathematics Motivation, Mentoring, and Community Context Resources from Iowa STEM

·         Number Matters!  Making Sense of Multiplication and Division of Fractions

·         Personalize Your Professional Learning

·         Pimp Those Practice and Review Activities

·         Pluto’s Pen:  Pragmatic Predicaments with Prototypical Perimeter (and Area) Problems

·         Productive Struggle and Problem Solving in the K – 8 Classroom

·         Purposeful Planning:  Utilizing Formative Assessments to Maximize Student Achievement

·         Raise the Roof!

·         Restructuring Your Math Block

·         Routines for Reasoning:  Fostering the Mathematical Practices in All Students

·         Strategies + Understanding = An Open Door to Fluency

·         Supporting Students with Memory and Attention Challenges in the Mathematics Classroom

·         Take a Journey with Us on Future Ready

·         Teaching Mathematics to Struggling Learners

·         TechEd’s Best Kept Secrets:  Personalizing Student Learning Through Technology

·         The Basketball Data Analytics Battles

·         Tools for Advocacy

·         Using Explicit Instruction within a Concrete—Representational—Abstract Sequence

·         Using GeoGebra to Discover, Differentiate, Remediate, and Asses (Parts 1 & 2)

·         Using Noticing and Wondering to Leverage Mathematical Argument with K-2 Students

·         Using Number Routines in the 3 – 5 Classroom

·         Using Three-Act Tasks in the Math Classroom

·         What about Mathematical Instruction?  How to Differentiate for English Language Learners

·         What Does Algebra Look Like to Students?