A Message from the ICTM President


            I hope you had a wonderful summer with many opportunities to recharge and relax. We had a very productive board meeting in June. I was able to go to a geogebra class in early July which helped me build my skills using that tool. I was able to attend the NCTM affiliate leadership conference in Indianapolis. Meeting new people from around the United States and Canada really got me excited for our conference on October 8 in West Des Moines. I enjoyed learning what other people are doing to build interest in quality math education. I made some fun new friends, and for some great ideas to bring to the board. I loved being able to travel with fellow board member Teresa Finken and get to know her better.

At the June board meeting we set up gmail accounts for some board positions to help with communication and sharing documents. The addresses we set up are:

·         ICTMvendor@gmail.com to communicate with conference exhibitors and vendors

·         ICTMpres@gmail.com for the president to communicate with members and other organizations

·         ICTMexecsec@gmail.com for communications from the executive secretary

·         ICTMProgramCh@gmail.com for the program chairs to do conference communications

·         ICTMJournalEd@gmail.com to receive journal articles and other communications.

We think this will streamline communications as these emails will be assigned to positions, not individuals. Individuals will not have to use a personal email address for ICTM business, hopefully preventing missed emails on those days a flurry of emails may come in. Also, some of these positions are shared by 2 people, and this will enable both people to send and receive the same information in 1 inbox. Please start using these addresses to share ideas, articles, and questions with board members! You should also start receiving emails from these addresses.

            Enjoy these last few days or weeks of summer as you head into full school mode. Have a wonderful year full of great moments. Take care of yourselves so you can take care of those you work with. See you at our fall conference! It is going to be amazing! Keynote speaker is Bill McCallum, and we are excited to offer some online real time sessions with Tim BrzezInski of dynamic math. He is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @dynamic-math. He was a classroom teacher who now creates incredible geogebra resources and teaches geogebra pd. He will have 2 sessions online, one for beginners and one to show more of the advanced capabilities of geogebra. He is also offering 1 hour of free online geogebra pd to an attendees department!

Wow! Our other online offering is Ben Orlin who has a new book out this fall. He is the Math with Bad Drawings blogger and you can find his blog online, on Facebook and Twitter. He has great insight into math as a teacher, mathematician and observer of life.

It will be here before we know it!

Contact me at any time ICTMpres@gmail.com

Deidra Baker, ICTM President