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Deidra Baker

I have been a member of NCTM for about 30 years, and a member of ICTM for about 25 years. I have been teaching high school in Iowa for 26 years. I love teaching math because I can get kids excited about learning a subject many may be scared of. I love being a confidence booster and watching kids get better at math, as well as thinking and communicating. I love to read, travel, and meet new people. Traveling to math conferences to meet and work with other math people is the best!


Lori Mueller

POSITION ON BOARD: NCTM Rep., President Elect
Currently, I am a Math Consultant for Great Prairie AEA. I love working with schools and helping them to create better systems in which to teach our children. I also love teaching classes that teachers can use for renewal credit for their teaching licenses. I am lucky to be in a job where I am able to meet so many big name people in mathematics, as mathematics is my passion. Reading and spending time with my family are also passions for me. If you have questions about ICTM I would love to help answer them. Check us out on Facebook too!

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Dr. Clay Edwards

POSITION ON BOARD: Regional Director for the Central Rivers AEA.
I am a 7/8 middle school mathematics teacher in Grundy Center. In addition to ICTM, I am the Panel Chair for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics middle school journal, MTMS. I enjoy teaching mathematics because it is something everyone can do and improve at. In my classroom, I stress improvement over anything else, and it is exciting to see my students grow as mathematicians throughout the year. We do a lot of task-based learning in my classroom, as well as self-paced learning. It's an interesting mix of two very different delivery methods, but one thing that both have in common is the stress I put on justification, discussion, and an overall understanding of the mathematics involved.  Follow me on Twitter @doctor_math to join the great mathematical conversation online that exists in the MathTwitterBlogoSphere!


NAME: Julie Yurko
POSITION ON BOARD: Great Prairie Regional Director
What I teach:  K-12 Math Instructional Coach for Fort Madison Schools
Why Math:  Honestly, I hated math until I was in High School.  There I had teachers who challenged me and helped me see the importance of math in real life.  From then on, I saw math as a fun and challenging puzzle just waiting to be pondered. I love being a part of ICTM...hanging out with these hard-working, like-minded math people is a great way to keep up on the latest in Iowa Math!  When I’m not at school or learning more about math and Instructional Coaching, you might find me quilting, hiking, or rooting on my beloved St. Louis Cardinals (GO CARDS!).


NAME: Wendy Weber
POSITION ON BOARD: Vice President Post Secondary
Mathematics is beautiful! From elegant proofs to extraordinary fractals, mathematics is all around us. I teach prospective mathematics teachers how to instill the joy of learning and doing mathematics into their future students. I especially enjoy teaching reading, writing, speaking mathematics to our majors. ICTM is a great organization to share new ways to teach mathematics -- I love going to the conference every year, learning new pedagogies and seeing past students who are now colleagues. To satisfy my artistic mathematical side, I do counted cross-stitch.  I’m working on a Huge fractal design that will take many years to finish, but it will be so worth it!


NAME: Angela Shindelar
POSITION ON BOARD: Vice President Elementary
My husband and I live in Greenfield in southwest Iowa. We enjoy travel and reliving our past by going to lots of concerts of our favorite bands. We have two adult children that have recently both married. We are excited to be grandparents for the first time later this summer.
My degrees are in Elementary Ed and Middle Grades Mathematics Teaching. I'm a UNI alum and also a big Iowa State fan. I'm Switzerland on game days when they play one another. 
I taught middle school math at Nodaway Valley CSD for many years. I am currently a math consultant at Green Hills AEA. 
My passion is  supporting teachers and students to teach and learn math in meaningful ways that build understanding. I am enjoying serving on the ICTM Board as the VP for Elementary. I have connected with many elementary teachers in my role as a math consultant and I enjoy supporting their work with students. The elementary grades are when students' beliefs and attitudes about learning math are shaped. These years are critical to students' future success.


NAME: Jaclyn Miller
POSITION ON BOARD: Student Director
I am a junior math teaching major at the University of Northern Iowa and will be student teaching next spring. I have been on the ICTM board for a little over a year. My main job is to help plan the Future Teacher Workshop (have you saved the date?!). I truly enjoy math and helping students discover concepts. There's nothing like those ah-ha moments! Besides ICTM, I am involved with a Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society, and Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society on campus and participated in the marching band for two years.
Outside of the classroom, I really enjoy NASCAR, reading, antiquing (I even have a part-time job at an antique store in Des Moines!), and spending time with my family.

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NAME: April Pforts
POSITION ON BOARD: DE Representative
I have been a member of NCTM for about 15 years, and a member of ICTM for about 5 years. I have taught middle and high school in Iowa for 10 years before becoming the mathematics consultant at the DE. I love leading math educators because I can get to impact students through their teachers, coaches, and administrators.  I want students in Iowa to be the best problem solvers in the world. I want math to never be the reason a student cannot go after their dreams. I love to binge watch Net-flicks, travel, and hang with my son and husband. Representing and serving the state of Iowa at the national level is both rewarding and humbling.