ICTM Executive Board Members

Educators from all over the state serve on the ICTM Executive Board. Members are represented by elected Regional Directors based on your AEA region.

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President: Deidra Baker

President Elect: Lori Mueller

Vice-President, Post-Secondary: Wendy Weber

Vice-President, Secondary: Allysen Lovstuen

Vice-President, Middle School: Brian Townsend

Vice-President, Elementary: Angie Shindelar

Executive Secretary: Maureen Busta

Treasurer: Deb Tvrdik

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Regional Director, Central Rivers AEA: Clayton Edwards

Regional Director, Grant Wood AEA: Teresa Finken

Regional Director, Great Prairie AEA: Julie Yurko

Regional Director, Green Hills AEA: Deborah Roberts

Regional Director, Heartland AEA: Joel Conn

Regional Director, Keystone AEA: Karla Digmann

Regional Director, Mississippi Bend AEA: Shannon Pasgovel

Regional Director, Northwest AEA: Valerie Sitzmann

Regional Director, Prairie Lakes AEA: Chandra McMahon

Student Director: Jaclyn Miller

Journal Editor: Teresa Finken

Communications Director: Angie Shindelar

NCTM Representative: Marty Beck

Government Relations: Catherine Miller

Iowa Department of Education Mathematics Rep: April Pforts

NCTM Central 2 Representative: Becky Walker

Webmaster: Wendy Weber