2019 Future Teacher Workshop
Presenter Profiles and Session Outlines

High School Session:
5+ Uses of the Desmos Graphing Calculator in the High School Math Classroom — Jessica Breur

In this session participants will learn about the free Desmos online graphing calculator.  This dynamic calculator breathes life into all high school mathematics. See how the calculator can be used for both teacher demonstration and student problem solving.  Leave with at least 5 high impact ways to use the calculator in your classroom tomorrow. Bring a tablet or laptop to maximize your participation.

Middle School Session:
Using Desmos Activities to Increase Engagement and Understanding — Jessica Breur

Desmos Activities empower both teachers and students.  Mathematics teachers make student thinking visible and pose purposeful questions.  Students show their thinking in different ways, create problems, and persevere through challenging tasks. In this session,  participants will experience a few of the most popular middle school activities and learn how to implement and facilitate the dynamic lessons to increase student voice and showcase that each student is a mathematician.

Jessica Breur is a Math Instructional Coach at Mounds View Public Schools (MN).  She has 18 years in grades 6 -12 teaching. Jessica is also a Desmos Fellow and Desmos Certified Presenter. Her passion is uncovering student thinking and problem solving. Find her on Twitter @breurbreur .

Geogebra — Tim Brzezinski

Tim Brzezinski is a full time Independent Mathematics Education Consultant, Mathematics Teacher, and Accredited GeoGebra Trainer and Author (Brzezinski Math).  He is a former full time High School Mathematics Teacher (Berlin High School, CT) w/15 years experience (2002 - 2017) and part time Mathematics Instructor (Central Connecticut State University) w/15 years experience (2002 - 2017).   

Mr. Brzezinski facilitates active and engaging GeoGebra professional development workshops for Mathematics Teachers and Administrators worldwide.  In these workshops, he demonstrates how GeoGebra can serve as an powerful platform that effectively fosters active, student-centered, and differentiated discovery-based learning, meaningful remediation, and ongoing formative assessment.  Mr. Brzezinski also continues to author interactive GeoGebra resources for Mathematics Teachers worldwide.  He also creates interactive GeoGebra content for publishers and other ed-tech companies seeking to accompany their curricula with such material. 

 Tim is also a non-professional magician and enjoys spending lots of time with his wife and their three young energetic children.  Twitter: @dynamic_math Facebook: Brzezinski Math Instagram: brzezinski_math

Fractions —  Amy Keller, M.Ed.

Over the past several years fractions, as a topic in school mathematics, have received a great deal of attention. Growing research evidence indicates that the majority of students enter middle school with a limited understanding of fractions and, as a result, struggle with much of the mathematics content in middle school and beyond. There is a strong positive correlation between students' understanding of fractions and their overall success in mathematics. According to the final report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, understanding fractions is a "foundation skill essential to the success in algebra." You will investigate the essential understandings of fractions as numbers - partitioning, comparing, ordering, equivalence. Because understanding fractions as numbers are central to helping students calculate with accuracy, efficiency, and understanding, we will also investigate flexible and meaningful strategies for fraction computation.

 Amy Keller is entering her 14th year with Grant Wood Area Education Agency as an Educational Consultant in Mathematics. Prior to this position she spent 14 years in the classroom as a math teacher ranging from 6th grade through Algebra 2. Amy acquired a BS in Elementary Education from Iowa State University, Ames, IA and an MEd in Middle School Mathematics from National-Louis University, Chicago, IL.

Helping Our Students Build Number Sense – Lori Mueller

Many of our students haven’t developed a good understanding of numbers. In this session we will discuss five ways that we can help students to build number sense. We will explore the use of arrow cards and ten-frames, and dive into hundred chart activities. We will also talk about Race to 100 and other mathematical games and last but certainly not least, find out how to do a number talk.

Lori Mueller is a Math Consultant for Great Prairie Area Education Agency. In this role she works with math teachers in southeast Iowa. Before this she taught sixth grade for 25 years. Lori is also the President Elect for the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Find Lori on Instagram @lori.mueller9 and on Twitter @LoriMue313 .

Fact Fluency Instruction Matters — Angie Shindelar

There is a solid evidence base for the most effective learning experiences needed for students to learn basic facts. So why don't we still not see this reflected in the typical classroom? In this session we will look at the learning progression for basic fact fluency in addition and subtraction and discuss the learning experiences students must have to attain fact fluency and, more importantly, solid number sense. Participants will receive an article that applies the same thinking for multiplication and division along with access to several games that support building fact fluency for all four operations.

Angie Schindelar is a Math Consultant for Green Hills Area Education Agency. She also serves on the board of the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics in the role of Vice-President for Elementary. You can find Angie on Facebook @ angieshindelar or Twitter @ashindelar .

Three-Act Tasks – Julie Yurko

Come join in and learn about Three-Act Tasks. A Three-Act Task is a classroom routine with three distinct parts: 1) An engaging and perplexing hook, 2) Questioning, seeking information, estimating, and solution getting, 3) A solution discussion and final payoff. You won’t want to miss this engaging and entertaining session!

Julie Yurko is a K-12 Math Instructional Coach in the Fort Madison School District. She has 27 years of math education experience, teaching High School and Middle School math before moving into the role of Instructional Coach. Julie is also on the ICTM Board, serving as the Great Prairie Regional Director, and the Co-Chair of the ICTM Annual Conference. When she is not working, you might find her hiking, quilting, or rooting on the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.